Bella Donna Boudreaux loves cooking and murder
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In Character
Name: Bella Donna Boudreaux
Fandom: X-men (comic)
History or Personality:
Belle was born to Marius Boudreaux, the leader of the Assasins' Guild of New Orleans (a regional branch of the much larger worldwide Assassin's Guild). She was the youngest child, and had an older brother named Julien.

At a young age she was betrothed to the leader of the rival Thieves' Guild's youngest adopted son, Remy LeBeau. Things were all ice cream and sneaking around to make out in the middle of the swamp until the day they got married.

Since the marriage was essentially just a means to bridge the gap between the rival guilds and stop all the senseless killing that nobody was getting paid for, a lot of people found themselves against it. The biggest opponent was Julien Boudreaux. Long story short, he challenged Remy to a sword duel and lost. Remy was exiled, because that left the Assassin's Guild with nobody to run things when Marius died (it was very patriarchate).

Then there was a Brood invasion, in which we learned that Belle is awesome at getting past security systems and sucks with her telepathy. She went into a coma after wiping herself out to save Psylock from being turned into a Brood.

Years later she was revived, but only after Rogue has stolen her memories, because Belle has carnal knowledge of the guy Rogue would like to touch. Belle vowed revenge. In the end, she killed Cody, Rogue's first boyfriend, which was okay in the end, as he was permanently comatose, anyway.

After being revived, but before killing Cody, Belle worked hard to ready to take over the guild when her father died. This was extremely convenient, since he's dead the next time she shows up. The burden of leadership didn't seem to sit well on her shoulders. Every time she thought about it on panel, she seemed to be worried about how well she's doing.

Years pass and eventually she took another lover. He was a character clone of Gambit who's known only as 'Bandit'. He betrayed her in an attempted coup, but Gambit helped her save her position, and they dumped the mutinous assassins in a steel shipping container in the desert.

Once again she's off panel for years. The structure of the guild changes, and she seemed to keep her people as mercenaries more than close family members who all really love garrote wire and arsenic. We saw the new set up in action when Domino accidentally/on purpose stole a large sum of money from the Guild, after also walking out on a job. Unknown to Belle, the reason Domino walked out is that some of the assassins were selling women on the black market.

Belle sent a bunch of assassins after Domino, which would probably have worked, if Domino hadn't been sleeping with Wolverine. Unfortunately for the assassins, the things Wolverine is best at is killing a whole lot of people in a messy, agonizing fashion. Eventually Wolverine and Domino killed their way to Belle's underground lair (in the swamp. I don't know either). She realized how effed she wass, and promised not to mess with them anymore.

Sick and tired of this life, Belle dissolved the guild (which consisted of four people, including her an a trainee at that point, anyway), and went off on her own to lead a less frustrating life.

Any special abilities: She has weak telepathy, and can produce streams of heated plasma from her hands. Both these talents rely on her body for nutrients, rather than an outside source, so they are weak, and she has to eat a lot to use them

Other than her (little used) powers, Belle has been trained from birth in the methods of making people dead really efficiently. She's not a great fighter, but she has at least six die eight for her sneak attack, iykwim
Journal: [info]petitmort
PB: Yvonne Strahovski

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Character Information
Name: Bella Donn Boudreaux
Age: 27
Fandom: Marvel
Point In Fandom Taken From: Post Sex and Violence
Job/Title in Fandom: Leader of the New Orleans Unified Assasins and Thieves' Guild
Alignment: lawful evil
Brief History:

Bella Donna is the second child of Marius Boudreaux, reknown leader of the Assassins' Guild. She was taught from birth the art of making people very dead. She had an older brother, named Julien, who she was very close to. But a lot of time was spent playing alone.

She never went to formal school, and learned to read and write in Creole years before anyone bothered to teach her English, which she did not speak at home. Her time was better spent learning to conceal herself, to disable and distract guards, and of course, to strike clean, instantaneous kills. She was also made immune to what poisons she could be, in preparation for her adulthood, where the attemmpts on her life would be numerous and cunning.

She was training in the streets of New Orleans one evening when the first random thing of her life happened. A young boy, though young was not comparative, since he was older than her, jumped out on her teachers, attacking them with a hammer. Belle watched in awe, before stopping him, putting a knife squre through the middle of the handle of his hammer.

She thought nothing of it that night, but it started a chain of events that would see her into unimaginable disaster. A week later her betrothal was announced, at least six months earlier than expected. Even more unexpected was her intended. The meeting between the two had been a catalyst. Belle had talked of little but the surprise of meeting the boy, much to her brother's annoyance and her father's interest.

Years later Belle would appreciate how bold her father was being in approaching the man he had been born to hate, and offering his favorite child to be the bride of a boy known as Le Diable Blanc. But at the time, all that Belle knew was that she was to marry Remy LeBeau, the adopted son of the leader of the rival Thieves' Guild.

The two were shy around each other at first, and their initial meetings were huge secrets. But the children soon found the had a lot to talk about, and became inseperable. Marius was pleased with how Belle doted on Remy, and encouraged the relationship. It was about this time that he began to notice a change in his son, who was more withdrawn, more prone to be sour.

Things continued on for years, with Belle and Remy meeting when they could, though it was seldom and not for long. Belle was given full initiation into the Guild at fourteen, and considered a woman. The preparations for her wedding began in earnest then, even as her brother was joined with a high ranking assassin woman, though their relationship seemed very loveless to the thoroughly smitten Belle. Of course, the insight given her by the powers Candra had bestowed to Belle in return for her first tithe helped. Her plasma blasts got more use, but the telepathy was quite handy.

She knew the politics behind her marriage to Remy. How it would end the feud, how it would take power from Candra and give it to the guilds again. But all that was secondary to how much she loved Remy.

The wedding was performed almost the moment Belle turned 16, held in the cathedral funded by the Thieves. It went beautifully, until Julien couldn't stand to hold his tongue anymore. The angry assassin challenged Remy to a duel for his honor. Trapped, no matter what happened, Remy agreed.

Remy prevailed, but was still exiled from the city. Belle desperately begged Remy to let her come along, but he flatly denied her, and left quickly, so she couldn't follow. Belle was heartbroken, having lost her best friend and brother in the same day.

Years went by. Years full fo kiling and blood and more stupidity than she could tolerate. At first Belle drank to numb the pain, but slowly she grew into her role, and put aside the pain. She was a leader, now, the heir to her Guild, and very much entrenched in an endless war.

Nothing changed until the Brood invaded New Orleans. She had no solution, and felt as though her heart would break again, seeing the children of both guilds being taken as hosts. It was the heartbreak that reminded her of Remy, and his esteemed place with the X-men. She knew he would help, and set off for New York like a bat out of hell.

The X-men did come to fight the Brood, and in this Belle considered things a success. The children were found mostly unharmed. But Ghost Rider had been taken by the Brood Queen, and it took both Belle and Psylocke to subdue the thing. Belle fell into a coma and was left by Remy, again.

She was in the coma for months before Remy returned, with the intention of stealing the serum that gave the Thieves their long life, to use it to restore Belle. In the process, Rogue followed him to New Orleans, and was shocked to hear about his wife. Remy left Rogue and Belle alone, which turned out to not be so smart. Rogue touched Belle, to gain her memories. This had an adverse effect on Belle's mind, and when Remy did revive her, Belle couldn't remember him, or anything else. He left again, unwilling to give Belle her bad memories back.

In time, Belle's mind healed, and she remembered things, but not the emotions attached to them. She stood by placidly while Marius was murdered, not feeling love for him as she knew she should. But she did feel one thing for certain. She hated Rogue. She hated what Rogue had done to her, and wanted Rogue to pay.

So Belle did some research, and found a lifelong friend of Rogue's who had been put into a coma by the woman's poisonous touch. Belle had him kidnapped and brought to her home, right before Rogue's scheduled trip to visit him. This time Remy was the one to follow along, which was exactly what Belle had planned for. Belle fought Rogue, but her rage made her stupid, as it had her brother, and she lost. In the process Belle was denounced by Remy, and Cody died, earning Belle nothing in the process.

More time passed. Belle began to feel emotions properly again, and came to fall in love with a man who was astonishingly like Gambit. They were scheduled to be married, even as a lucrative hit was put out on Remy. Belle accepted the job, with the intention to use it as a way to finally gain closure with the man who had shaped so much of her life.

They met again, and Gambit revealed that Belle's assassins were all mostly working for Bandit, her fiance. Upon closer inspection, she relaized he was intending to use her power to gain control of the guild, then kill her. Pissed, Belle convinced Remy to help her, and the two of them trapped the traitorous assassins in a shipping truck in the desert. They left each other that time, on pleasant, if not friendly terms.

For years, Belle worked on controlling her Guild, forging it into one truly unified entity. This took a lot of effort, and she made a lot of sacrifices for it, but in time, the two Guilds merged, and she was able to branch out a little more.

One particular attempt at reeling in new work for her guild was to hire Domino to go on an important mission with her people. Domino was well known for her luck, and the job didn't feel right to Belle.

Too bad she didn't realize what was going to happen. Not only did Domino take the money hse had been paid and refuse to complete the job, but on top of it, Domion stole a huge sum of money from the Guild. Livid, Belle sent her best assassins after the woman, hoping to show the world why it was a stupid idea to mess with the Guild.

Instead, Belle learned why it was vitally important to make sure Wolverine wasn't sticking it in the people she was trying to kill. In a move that was almost purposely embarrassing, Wolverine forced Belle to back down in front of the broken pulps of her best assassins. She conceeded, to save her own life and the lives of her people. Except those who had seen her beaten. For obvious reasons, they couldn't be allowed to live.

List of Abilities/Powers:

Belle is a low level mutate, possessing two powers. She can expend her body's native energy through her hands in the form of a hot plasma blast, and she has weak telepathy, which she sees as more of a burden than a power.

Her list of skills is quite a bit longer. She's in excellent physical condition, and immune to a variety of poisons. She knows how to grow her own deadly plants, and how to take a life quickly with whatever she may happen to have on hand. She is skilled at picking locks, scaling buildings, and other covert activities. She's cany, though not strictly speaking intelligent. She can barely read or write English, though she is fluent in Creole and French by extension. She also knows how to take a person down with nonlethal force (nobody pays to have bodyguards killed), and how to drive a stick shift.

PB: Yvonne Strahovski

How am I doin'? It's always good to know where you stand with other people.


Character Name: Bella Donna Boudreaux
Universe of Origin (Marvel, DC, Independent, Etc.): Marvel
Age as of July 1, 2007: 26
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Aiode log (NSFW)

Belle led Merlin up to her room, smiling and bouncing, her mask and a bag of plants in one hand, and Merlin's hand in the other. She opened the door to the apartment as soon as they got out of the elevator, and her mask and bag floated to one of the kitchen counters as she led Merlin down the hall.

Her bedroom tidied itself up, the porn going back into it's drawer, and her vibrator moving to the bedside table before she even got to the threshold of her apartment.

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